Don’t expect any third-party autofocus lenses in the near future

Stig Nygaard

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Jul 10, 2013

I don't know if this brings anything real new, but maybe a hint or confirmation that Sigma is trying to get RF lenses on the market. Depending on how you interprets the conversation....

Spanish site did an interview with Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki. The interviewer speaks Spanish which I don't understand. But with help from automatic subtitling I think the dialog is something like the following...

Photolari (P) ask about the situation or likelihood to get Canon RF lenses from Sigma, Kazuto Yamaki (Sigma) answers:

Sigma: Sigma's mission is to deliver lenses to as many customers as possible. And I'm very aware that there is a strong demand from Canon mirrorless users. I really appreciate such interest from customers. I cannot tell about future planning, but I really want to deliver such products in the future.

P: When such lenses hasn't yet arrived, is it because of Sigma or is it because of Canon?

Sigma: [Smiling, surely knowing why he's asked a question like that] Sorry, but I cannot comment on it [both laughing]. But what I can tell you today is that Sigma is very interested to satisfy the Canon mirrorless users' demand.
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