Dual monitors with different resolution for Photoshop?


Jun 27, 2013
Essex, UK
I currently use two 24" FHD (1920 x 1080) monitors and when using Photoshop have the main screen on one monitor with other Photoshop panels on the other. I'm thinking of getting a 27" 4K monitor to replace on of them.

I know you can scale the 4k monitor to say 175% or 200% to make the text easier to read but wondered what happens if you have the main Photoshop screen on the 4k monitor and other Photoshop panels on the other FHD screen? Would the panels (or at least the text on them) scale to say 200% as well or adopt the scaling of the other monitor?

Be interested to know if anyone had had experience of such a set up?


Mar 28, 2013
My suggestion is to NOT have a 4K monitor and a HD monitor on the same PC.

Windows is AWFUL at managing settings between monitors with such differing resolutions. There are known glitches (that will not be fixed) in Windows 7 and 10 where if you have monitors with such different resolutions, your desktop icons will get shuffled, your open windows will be moved to other monitors, etc., etc., especially when resuming from sleep or from full-screen applications (like games).

My experience is from Windows 7 trying to run a 4K monitor with 2 HD monitors. It was so frustrating I gave up and bought 4K monitors to replace the HD monitors (and had to buy new GPUs that could handle the increased resolution).

To answer your question, no, the way Windows is supposed to work, your stuff on the 4K screen should scale differently from the HD screen. SUPPOSED to work doesn't mean work in practice, because if you resume from sleep, you'll find your scaling settings get messed up.

These problems persist (and even get worse) if you set your resolution on the 4K screen to HD. I had a temporary workaround by not using DP on my 4K monitors--using HDMI or DVI inputs "fooled" Windows into thinking the monitor was lower-resolution, and so it wouldn't constantly be re-setting my monitors (for some reason, when Windows resumes from sleep, it reads the signal from the monitor before applying user settings) and messing up my desktop and windows. But then I was stuck with my 4K screen being a more expensive HD.

Long story short, don't upgrade to 4K unless you're upgrading all your monitors.