Electronic shutter up to 30 seconds (and a high pixel count sensor)

I use my R5 for "light painting". This involves keeping the shutter open for a long time as I use continuous light to "paint with light" in otherwise complete darkness. I would prefer to use the electronic shutter to avoid ANY shutter shock since even a one pixel shift between exposures can cause problems.

Other camera brands can do this, so it's not a technological barrier.

I would like to see either a firmware upgrade to the R5 or a body with at least 50MP (for 40x60s and larger) that can do it.


CR Pro
Nov 8, 2011
Question: Since you determine when there is light why not open and close the shutter when there is not? A possible negligible movement in the dark when closing the shutter will not spoil anything in a many-second photograph.

Also light painting was a technique that existed for decades and people didn't rely on Electronic shutter. In fact now mirrorless cameras have no ... mirrors (obviously) so one vibration source is missing.
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