Entry Level SLR Camera or a Good Point & Shoot Camera

Apr 1, 2014
Hi Everyone

I am Dr Kunvar Harsh Upveja from India . I am Amateur in the field of Photography but I am very much fascinated by photographs clicked with good depth of filed(blurred background pics) so I am looking for a SLR camera and at the same time have a very limited budget of Rs 25,000.
1. Either I am thinking of buying Sony Alpha A3000 (18-55 mm lens) DSLR- camera or any suggestions of SLR camera in Canon which can fit in my pocket ?
2. Should I go for some good Point & shoot camera in this range rather than buying Entry level DSLR ?
3. How far does the body of camera matters in buying DSLR camera ? I mean if I want to upgrade this DSLR using other lenses. it would be possible with good efficiency or this Entry level will remain entry level only ?

Thank you in advance


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Sep 20, 2012
Houston, TX
1. Any Rebel is the same size as the A3000. Those, or the SL1 (smaller) or the EOS M (still smaller) will still not fit in your pocket though (assuming standard sized pockets), especially with a kit lens.
2. Cannot really comment on that. dSLR gives lot more flexibility and control. But it is also a steeper learning curve. Depends on your interests, really.
3. Body matters far less than the lens. If you absolutely decide for a dSLR, go for the cheapest you can get (500D/1100D or newer) and definitely get the 50 1.8 II lens for shallow depth of field. Additionally, you can get the 18-55 kit for general work. That might be managed within 25K if purchased used. I think it will be closer to 35K new (1100D kit, 50mm 1.8).


Nov 8, 2013
When buying a DSLR it is important that you buy into a system that will be around for many years so that you can be assured of the continuing availability of lenses, flashes and other accessories, as well as being able to upgrade the camera body when needed. The other issue is the quality of the said bodies, lenses, etc. Sony, in my opinion, fails to meet the quality and the longevity, that only Canon or Nikon can offer. Therefore, I would not recommend a Sony camera. It is a dead end.

There is no way that any point and shoot digital camera can equal the image quality of the cheapest Canon or Nikon DSLR. The Canon SL1 is a good purchase from the standpoint of it's smaller size and weight, price, features, image quality, reliability, performance, the fact that Canon will be around for many years and that all of the Canon lenses, flashes and other accessories will work with it.


when you want background blur get a DSLR and a fairly fast lens.
a 85mm f1.8 would be a nice start for portraits.

personally i prefer the 100mm f2.0 but that is maybe a bit long on APS-C cameras.
thought i shoot portraits with 200mm on fullframe quite often.

as all newer 3 digit (xxxD) canon rebels have more or less the same 18 MP sensor you get bassically the same image quality from all of them (550D to 700D).
but of course with the 700D you get more features.

i would think about getting a 550D for a good price (maybe used) and invest the rest of the money in fast lens. well i don´t know if there will be a rest because im to lazy to google what Rs 25K is in euro or dollar. ;)

i don´t know how much sense a 1000D or any other xxxxD makes.
everyone i know, who started with photography and stuck to it, sold the xxxxD after a year or even earlyer. it´s in my opinion too limiting in it´s feature set. but it´s nice for a first look if you like DSLR photography.
but most who are infected with the DSLR fever crave for more in no time. ;)
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