EOS R5: Does IBIS work with adapted manual focus lenses (ie vintage)


CR Pro
Mar 28, 2012
Hi all,
I'm still doing research about the Canon R series of cameras before I look to jump in.
As I'd mentioned in another thread, I'm interested in adapting interesting vintage lenses to the Canon mirrorless R camera...its a fun benefit for mirrorless that you can get new use out of very interesting old lenses.

I thought I'd heard that the IBIS for some reason may not work when adapted manual lenses are attached?

Is this true or not?

I was kinda puzzled when I thought I heard this as that my GFX has IBIS that works with manual lenses attached, I"d assumed this was normal behavior.

I know the lenses don't have any stabilization but IBIS should work with any lens attached, right?

Thank you in advance,