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Jul 24, 2012
How do the EVF in different EOS cameras compare?

I can read the tech spec, but I am interested in hands-on experience, usability and subjective impressions.

My only mirrorless camera with an EVF is the M5. I cannot say that I like its EVF. Contrast and saturation seem off. The brightness is not sufficient when used in bright sunlight.

I had a look through the R and RP in a camera store. They look better, but I couldn't take them out into sunlight.

What is your subjective experience with EVFs? Anyone here who can compare some of M5 - M50 - R - RP - R5 - R6? Other brands as well?


Feb 25, 2015
I loathe the M50 EVF, I love the RP EVF. The bolt-on EVF-DC2 for the M6II is also decent. The funny thing is that the M50 and RP share the same screen, but have different optics in front of it.

As for using it in sunlight, the 'rubber' cup on the RP EVF doesn't provide much shade, so I resort to using a boonie hat to create some shade. I bet I look dashing with the hat half on my head and half on the camera :)
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Mar 5, 2020
I don't feel any difference between the EVF of the m50 and the R (note that I am using them both in low fps mode).

I agree with @koenkooi on bright sunlight, you may still have a ray of light slipping through the rubber and your face. I sometimes wish we could change that cup for something bigger.

Also I adjusted the brightness of both to reflect a proper exposition as they tend to be a bit too bright and show more of the shadows than you would actually see once the picture is taken.


Feb 25, 2015
I don't feel any difference between the EVF of the m50 and the R (note that I am using them both in low fps mode).
My biggest gripes with the M50 EVF are the magnification and off-axis distortion. It presents a smaller image compared to the RP and moving just slightly off-axis makes it extremely blurry. The optics in the RP and R EVF are better in every way.
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EOS M6 Mark II
Jan 27, 2020
Canon's EVFs made after the M5 improved a lot. The difference even between the M5 and the M50 was a major improvement. I didin't have the M50 when I tried the RP, but can't say I noticed much difference. The R has a very good EVF, in my opinion, better than Sony's or Nikon's - at least based on a very limited in store comparison.

But, yes, all EVFs have a problem in sunny weather depending on the angle of the sun. Keep in mind that I wear glasses, so can't get my eye right into the eyecup as if I wasn't a glasses wearer.

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Mar 25, 2011
I was pretty dissappointed initially with the EVF on my R. I finally got it adjusted to the point where its ok, but I still don't like it to use outdoors in bright sun, and lack of a optional eyecup is a issue. I always use the high speed mode.