Exporting and Stock Footage with premiere


Oct 9, 2012
Hello all,

I have been getting a bunch of my footage ready for stock footage, and am having a difficult time knowing what the proper way to export the clips in adobe premiere would be. I am on Windows so Prores is out, so I have decided on DNxHR codec for my footage.

When I go to export the clip in premiere with DxnHR it asks Alpha or Uncompressed. I have been choosing uncompressed as I want to save as much detail of my clips as possible. But the file sizes are huge! To give you an example:

The original clip is 37 seconds of 60fps 4k footage from a Canon 1dx Mark II.

- Original file - 1.79 GB
- Exported as .mov, DNxHR and Alpha = None - 3.74 GB
- Exported as .mov, DnxHR and Alpha = uncompressed - 12.2 GB

Not sure what the difference between the 2 export options are, but the file size difference is dramatic.

Doing it as uncompressed has been a storage and uploading nightmare, so I wanted to get some advice from people here. I want to preserve as much of the quality as possible for my clients, but also need something reasonable.

Thanks in advance.