Exposure consistency among different copies of PS/ACR (all cc 2019)


I'm New Here
Sep 29, 2014
Hey, all
I'm having to work on three different machines. A desktop with a graphics card and 4k monitor, a laptop, and a desktop with a real crappy monitor. The 4k machine and laptop are both new. The 4K monitor is the only one calibrated. My concern is not so much the look of the images on the different computers. I expect this. I do most of my editing on the 4k machine. When I finish there are no indications of over or under exposure. (blinkies or histogram). When I move the image over to the laptop, or other desktop, suddenly the image is covered in blinkies and the histogram is pushed toward both edges, more so for the laptop. BTW, the numbers don't change. I move the image back to the 4k machine and everything is back to normal. So what's going here, is my image over, under, or correctly exposed. Kind of hard to work when you cant trust the numbers associated with your image or any editing you have performed.