EXTENDED: Go ad free, get free software and more by becoming a Canon Rumors PRO at a discount this weekend only

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Jul 20, 2010
Update: The response this past weekend to the Canon Rumors PRO promotion was overwhelming and I have decided to extend it until midnight tonight (EST).
Since I have extended the promotion, I will email everyone that purchased a lifetime membership about the software gift coming in January.
Thank you for your support.

Last year I launched the Canon Rumors Pro membership for readers. The big bonus to membership is a 100% ad free experience on the site. There are also some other benefits that can make the cost of membership basically free.
2021 saw lots of challenges for retailers and software developers, but I’m hoping that in 2022 stock levels get to normal so I can post more exclusive deals for Canon Rumors Pros.
I am also bringing back the lifetime membership that was available for a limited time last year for this weekend only.
You can enjoy an ad-free experience on Canon Rumors by purchasing a CR Pro membership. There are also other benefits to becoming a member...

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