Flash Advice Please


I'm New Here
Dec 11, 2012
I am a fairly accomplished wildlife photographer.
However, most (if not all) of my photography has been with available light.
I am shortly to set off on a trip to Botswana, with the main target being scarce mammals.
Many of these will be engaged at night, and spotted with a spotlight from a vehicle.
I intend to capture these with-
a/ Canon 7dMkII
b/ Canon 100-400 Mk1 (manual AF)
c/ Metz 64-AF1 Flash
d/ MagMod MagBeam
Advice needed please for-
i/ Suggestions for a set up as C1/2/3 on the Body-
ii/ Suggestions for set up on the flash.
(flash newbie after 40 years of photography!)


EOS M6 Mark II
Dec 23, 2015
Hi Roger
I'm just starting to shoot wildlife with a flash, but during daylight. My suggestion is practice before you go by using people at night and lit with a spotlight similar to what you expect. Doing a Google search, I also came across this video which may be helpful:

And this article on using just a spotlight