'Frost' - Short Video taken with Canon 6D & Tamron 45mm

James Larsen

EOS M6 Mark II
Jun 6, 2016
Hey guys!
The other day some frost froze on the trees, right at the tip of the needles and branches, and it was really pretty, so I decided to film it and put together this short video:


The Tamron 45mm paired up with the 6D makes for a great combo - it's very versatile out in the field!
Thanks for watching - I hope you enjoy! 8)


EOS 5D Mark IV
Mar 28, 2012
A nice watch!!
I liked the beauty of nature (glad it doesn't get THAT cold down here in New Orleans).

I liked the music you chose.

If I had some criticism, it would be that many of the video parts, IMHO..were a bit too blown out, with the very light areas taking your eye away from the branches with ice you were wanting to have folks focus on.

I noticed at the end, where you "captured" some of the video into still images...you did some correction and made the part you were focusing on, the trees and ice...more contrasty...bolder.

I would like to have seen that type of color grading done on the video throughout..make your subject more punchy and maybe cut back a bit on the super light and at times blown out lights that pull your eye away from the beauty you're filming.

Hope this is taken as constructive...I liked the video...

Keep shooting and posting!!