Full-Time Manual focus not working on R5 and 100-500

Jul 20, 2016
I recently updated my R5 and RF 100-500 to the latest firmware hoping to use the full-time manual focus.

It seems to be working in One Shot AF mode, but not in Servo AF mode. In one shot mode if I press and hold the focus button (back button) and then turn the control ring, the focus guide appears and I am able to adjust focus manually using the control ring. However, In servo mode, if I do the same thing the image defocuses briefly and then snaps back to AF. The focus guide does not appear and I cannot manually adjust focus.

I contacted Canon Support via email and was told the FTM focus only works in One Shot AF mode, even though the firmware release notes (for both the camera and the lens) state it works in both modes.

Can anyone with and R5/R6 and any of the supported lenses (and the latest firmware) confirm that it does, or does not, work in both modes?
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