G1X conversion to infrared


EOS M6 Mark II
CR Pro
Dec 8, 2014
I'm thinking of sending my G1X to LifePixel for conversion to IR; either Standard or Enhanced. I'd appreciate comments from anyone who has had this done giving details of their experience with LifePixel and how well the camera works with the conversion (i.e., focus accuracy across the zoom range and hotspots). Also, any recommendations on which of the two conversion options to pick would be helpful.


Apr 12, 2013
I'm considering the same thing since they're running a promotional discount right now. I plan to convert my eos M. It would allow me to use different lenses which will be very cool.

Lifepixel and Kolari Vision both have very good reputation. I don't mind going either way. Right now I am torn between enhanced color and the super color filter. But most likely I'll do enhanced. The super color seems too over the top to my taste.

I think if you are attracted by false color, you'll need enhanced color filter at least. If you like black and white you may as well go for the deep b+w.

If you start with an enhanced filter you could potentially add a higher cutoff filter in front of the lens. This is what I'll be doing since I already own a standard external IR filter.