G9X: Can Users 'Eliminate' Hot Pixels?

Jul 12, 2013
My aging but still useful S95 works well in every way except it has a hot pixel. Whereas in Canon's dSLRs there are ways to 'eliminate' hot pixels, I have not been able to find a way to eliminate (in camera) S95 hot pixels.

I've downloaded the User Guide for the Canon G9X, in an effort to find out whether its in-camera capabilities include the ability to eliminate hot pixels.

I am unable to find any mention of this feature in the Canon G9X manual.

Any CR forum readers have any knowledge to bear on this one...?

I remain interested in the G9X and would be more interested in it to find that this feature does exist for this tiny 1" sensor camera.

Oct 18, 2021
Yeah this is not a stuck pixel, this is just normal long exposure noise. When you do long exposures the sensor can start to get hot and you end up with noise like this. You can do in camera long exposure noise reduction which will take a similar length frame without opening the shutter so it can do "dark frame subtraction" to remove the noise data. You can also do this manually after the fact so long as the dark frame (taken with the lens cap on) was taken at the same place and roughly the same time. A lot of astrophotographers who do very long exposures have to do this Speed Test to get rid of the noise.