Gitzo on Indiegogo - Will you be getting one?


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The Gitzo Legende Tripod/Backpack is live in Indiegogo.

  • Tripod/Backpack/Mini Tripod is $699 ($1227 MSRP),
  • Tripod is $519 ($799 MSRP),
  • Backpack is $179 ($229 MSRP) and
  • Tripod/Backpack combo is $679 ($1028 MSRP).

They have updated the page with videos, more photos and specs for the tripod and backpack. The tripod specs look appealing especially given its lifetime warranty. The specs do seem similar to their current GT 1545T tripod. The ballhead design seems new.

Estimated shipping in June.

I know Indiegogo was recently a hot topic after the extended battery scam but Gitzo's reputation may put potential funders at ease.


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Jan 3, 2018
I have to say that I am tempted - though I really don;t need another tripod, but I do like Gitzo's products.

Against that, I am still somewhat confused by the fact they're taking this through indiegogo - not only does Vitec not need to go this route (unless they have some money problems not evidenced by their published financial records) but the stated funding target ($20,000) wouldn't even cover their marketing for this, much less design and manufacture.

I can only assume it's been seen as some kind of 'smart' advertising - create a bit of a buzz in a trendy way about what might otherwise seem like a relatively mundane product?

I'm also a little put-off by the warning on the site that:
Crowdfunding is not shopping
Your donation is a way to support a project but does not guarantee that you will receive a perk.

Sounds a bit like you could sign up, reckon that you're getting a 'perk' (i.e. heavy discount on a new product), and then find out that you don't!

I don't know - what does anyone else think?
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Yes as I understand are funding (or help funding) the company's project by essentially donating to it. A company can offer a perk to certain levels of contributors (i.e. a donation of $519 will be rewarded with a tripod) but it isn't a guarantee. Many things can go wrong during that time including incorrect projected production costs...

One would think a company like Gitzo wouldn't need this type of funding. But, if they are not sure people would buy in to the whole "renewable/forever" concept, something like this would make sense to them. It would seem like a great way to gauge the current market before they put their own money up front toward something that potentially would not sell.

Interested to see how it plays out.

Antono Refa

Mar 26, 2014
Sounds a bit like you could sign up, reckon that you're getting a 'perk' (i.e. heavy discount on a new product), and then find out that you don't!

I don't know - what does anyone else think?

1) It has a slight scent of fish.

2) How many ways are there to raise cash up front, no interest & no strings attached, are there? Gitzo could spend twenty grand developing the tripod, decide the project is not worth one red cent of its own money to complete, and continue as if nothing happened. For that matter, it could spend ten grand, and keep the other ten as profit.
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Jul 16, 2013
I wonder the warranty on the backpack. Synthetic leather backpack products i have seen have always been poor and fall apart after about 12-18 months time. I think I am happy with my current SIrui, Gitzo and Manfrotto. I have had all three over 5 years, and the manfrotto is pushing 20.


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Mar 22, 2012
I've enough tripods so no for me. They tend to be well made and last forever.
I have Gitzo traveller that's been a great tripod. It is good you can get the parts to repair them (but I haven't needed to).
I've only ever backed on Kickstarter and I would not recommend them at all. I've had a number of very bad projects there that Kickstarter did zero about.
This looks like a much safer project and a good product.
It's a good cheap advertising for Gitzo and could pull in a few million before its finished. They can always sell the product anyway afterwards like their normal tripods.
It's not what Indiegogo or Kickstarter were set up for but they don't care. It's just a money making machine that keeps giving.
Platform set up, minimum effort after that and no oversight required for the mugs who back bad projects.