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  • Jul 20, 2010
    I have run the Canon Rumors Pro membership probably for a while now and the response has been amazing. Unfortunately the rolling out of somethings has been slowed by the current global situation.
    I finally did launch is exclusive deals on gear for Canon Rumors Pro members, you get access to forums that will give you discounts on current gear, everything from EOS R, DSLRs, EF and RF lenses, and more.
    Even if you plan to only purchase one piece of gear over the next year, the membership will pay for itself.
    You will also get a fully ad-free experience on Canon Rumors.
    How do I join?
    You’ll need to sign-up for a forum membership, this is required to remove the ads across the entire site. If you click any of the links below, you’ll be presented with a login screen and you just click “Register Now” below the login box.
    Please note that a new forum account requires manual approval, but we’re usually very quick on doing that.

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