Here is an updated list of unreleased Canon gear from certification agencies

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  • Jul 20, 2010
    Here’s an updated list of unreleased cameras and lenses from Canon that have appeared for certification from government agencies.
    DS126801 (EOS 90D?)

    Digital camera
    Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1
    Battery: LP-E6 / LP-E6N (7.2V 1800mAh)
    SKU: 3616C003AA, 3616C010AA, 3616C017AA


    Digital camera
    Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1
    Battery: LP-E17 (7.5 Wh)


    Digital camera
    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 loading
    Battery: LP-E12 (7.2v 875 mAh)



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    LP-E17: both EOS M5 and M6 use this battery
    LP-E12: used in EOS M50 and M100. What can PC2367 be?

    Maybe PC2367 will be a M50 mark ii or a similar camera profiting from a newer sensor which allows 4k without crop. While this is maybe not essential for most of the users I think it would be a good feature for the marketing.

    A waste product of 4k readout is always a faster FullHD / HD readout I like to use in certain situations: slow motion for physics lessons. Maybe a M50 mark ii (or two) would be interesting - and selling my M50.
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    Sep 17, 2014
    90D - or M5 II :)
    M6 II
    M50 II or M100 II - rather disappointing if Canon would indeed re-use ye olde, weak LP-E12 battery again. LP-E17 should really be minimum standard in any EOS M camera by now - even at the very entry level.

    Agree. Especially because the LP-E17 is quite small anyway. Is it worth having 2 separate battery types for 2mm difference in size?
    M100 replacement is a good chance because it's 2 years old and ive seen in many places not in stock or on clearance
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    Honestly, I can't see them using new batteries on mirrorless bodies any time soon. I think Canon is expecting most people to be coming from other camera bodies and potentially already having those batteries. Maybe updates to the batteries to give them a bit more power, as they did with the LP-E6N, but probably not a full new battery until the camera it's going into is the main, high end camera body the buyer will be using. I'm thinking a 5D or 1D equivalent buddy could justify that, but maybe not a lot below those models at first. Once one body moves over, I'd bet the other models will follow.

    Also, battery life is really dependent on battery size and power drain. Increasing power efficiency in new bodies could offset the need for a bigger battery.
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    EOS M6 Mark II
    Jul 3, 2019
    it is not about a new battery size, type or form factor here. Both LP-E12 and LP-E17 have been around for a while. but i would expect Canon to standardize their upcoming new EOS M cameras on the newer, higher charge and only slightly thicker (1mm) LP-E17 type.

    and if Canon wants to market differentiate on battery type, then an EOS M5 successor would greatly profit from using well-established, decent charge LP-E6N type in a slightly beefier grip.
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