Here is the Canon EOS R6

Aussie shooter
Dec 6, 2016
Would be a great upgrade of the R. But i got used to work with 30mp and i cannot see myself going back to 20mp. Otherwise a great camera. I guess if they had put a 30mp sensor in the R6 it would be too close to the R5 ...
More importantly they would have had to develop a new sensor. Thia way they can reuse the 1Dx3 sensor and save on R&D costs thereby keeping the cost of the camera down
Jul 6, 2020
They're using Bluetooth 4.2 on the R6 instead of 5.0 like on the R5? WTH? That's not saving them any money, it's just a way of making people think twice before choosing the R6 over the R5.
The 20 mp sensor is a huge step backward and not necessary since the R6 will still be an expensive camera.
Nov 3, 2014
So there is a customizable top thumb dial where the mode dial is on the R5? That's a nice addition. EC / ISO? The R5 mode dial looks like it might be configurable too and the top down screen is nice.
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Aussie shooter
Dec 6, 2016
So there is a customizable top thumb dial where the mode dial is on the R5? That's a nice addition. EC / ISO? The R5 mode dial looks like it might be configurable too and the top down screen is nice.
I reckon that customizable dial will be smashing for ISO and the control ring for EC when in Auto ISO

Darrell Cadieux

6D, 24-70 2.8 II, 70-200 2.8 II, 35, 85, 200 1.8
Very glad about the oversampled 5k for post stabilization but the 20mp are just garbage. That's what my old 7D from 10 years ago has, 18.
20 is a joke in 2020. Very unfortunate.
You do realize just about every billboard you've ever seen is images printed from cameras of less than 20mp. Then there is the new 20mp it must be a joke too. Guys that think their equipment makes them a photographer make me laugh. A good photographer can take a Kodak Instamatic 110 and do good work with it.


CR Pro
Feb 14, 2017
My only real question is, should I take my chances selling my 6D to sketchy buyers on eBay or just trade in at the local camera shop for a lower price but no hassle?
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Oct 25, 2019
20mp is tons, exactly how big are you planning on printing your image that it wont be ok?

I've a 190x96cm or so photo printed off the inspire 2 x5s camera, and that's a 20mp sensor as well but micro 4/3's.
Looks absolutely perfect in print, and now imagine how much sharper it would be with a FF sensor like will be in the R6

Honestly, more MP aren't needed unless you're doing billboards or printing 6ft photos for galleries, by which time you'll probably be talking about shooting on medium format anyway.

R6 looks great, my only gripe, and to be fair, its a very small gripe, is the mode dial on top of the camera, that could surely be done like on the R and the space used for some other dial?

If theres one thing the R did right IMO, it was the mode selection buttons to save space on the top.
Tho they made a serious blunder with the touch bar and the lack of a scroll wheel on the back.
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Run | Gun Shooter
Mar 13, 2020
This camera is nothing short of perfect in my book, unless Canon manages to add some sort of really disappointing limitation in there during the official launch this is without a doubt the camera I've been waiting for. As I've mentioned in other threads to me there is still a few missing pieces and a few things I still would like to have that is still unknown:

  • Recording Limit - This is my number one concern. If this will be my C200 B camera it cannot have a recording limit. The GH5 doesn't have one and neither does the S1H, Panasonic simply released different firmware for their European models.
  • Dual Card Slot Video Recording - This is a feature I hate about my 5DIV. It has dual card slots but only records video to a single slot at a time. Hopefully the R6 and R5 record to both slots for video; for the R5 at least up to 4K60FPS for dual slot video recording. 8K and 4K120FPS would make sense only recording to the faster slot.
  • Canon Log - Still waiting to see what flavor of Canon Log, I'm thinking it will be CLOG3 which would match up perfectly with their Cinema line.
  • XLR Module - Not as important as the first two but all of my audio gear uses XLR connectors
  • Compression Codecs - still waiting to see if they offer h.265 and h.264 or just h.264
  • External Recorders - will be interesting to see what options they enable for external recording via the HDMI port
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Aussie shooter
Dec 6, 2016
Do people really buy these 20MP cameras for fun? Why such low resolution in 2020?
More MP are always nice but 20 is hardly a problem. I shoot a 7d2 which is 20mp, crop the hell out of them( often down to as little as 5 or 6 mp) and print at A3 size and the prints look fine. And as the cropping is not always done due to reach limitations then the FF sensor with 20mp will be better than what I have currently. I don't buy the whole 'you have to print at 300dpi' crap. It just is not the case