Here is the official Canon USA press release for the Canon EOS R3

Del Paso

M3 Singlestroke
CR Pro
Aug 9, 2018
Well here in New Zealand a service on an Audi Q7 costs NZD $10,000+ and all Euro car parts are insanely overpriced ,often after a minor crash they are written off because the parts are too expensive .
European cars are less reliable generally too.
My sister bought a Peugeot and the auto transmission needed replacing when it was less than 2 years old and the replacement gearbox has given lots of problems since.
And my Renault Espace III got me 300000 troublefree kilometers before I sold it (still running!).
My sister's current Clio III: 234000 km. with only a leaking rear brake caliper, that's it! She sold her first one, only defect a coolant thermostat, at 240000 km., car got scrapped at km. 315000...

Aussie shooter
Dec 6, 2016
I am surprised that the 16fps mechanical shutter wasn't included in the R3. I guess that it is one differentiator with the 1DXiii - for all the "flagship" debate
To be honest I am not. Reducing the max speed of the mechanical shutter will in crease its longevity in actuations as it won't be as stressed . So that adds to the durability of the camera and if you want high speed then you have the ES. WIN WIN
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Fran Decatta

Mar 6, 2019
I'm glad to pay 3k for a lens that no other brand created and fits greatly on my work (28-70 f2 was a game changer) I never thought that something like this would exist. :) Let them innovate making crazy lenses :D this would be fun!
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H. Jones

Aug 1, 2014
B&H let me down this time, their website crashed for me and would not allow me to put the R3 into my cart. Had to run over to Adorama and put in all my info, ended up pre-ordering at 6:04 :cautious::cautious:
Aug 7, 2018
So the oversampled 4K will "only" be 60p? Didn't the leaks say 120p?

1/64000 s shutter speed is amazing. That is a big improvement.