How do you sell your gear?


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For those of you who sell/trade do you sell/trade them?

Ebay - Safe and reliable, but fees can be rough. Insertion fees are minimal, but the final value fee of 10% is high. Paypal fee is an additional 3% bringing your total fees to 13%. I tend to sell smaller items there.... lens filters, wireless triggers, other small gadgets...etc.

Retailers - Some retailers may buy your used gear but you will probably get the least money this way. They are in it to make a profit. But also that money that is lost, you are essentially paying for the safety and reliability. You take your gear in and walk out with cash. IT couldn't be simpler. NO shipping (some) or risk involved.

Online Forums - A great option. Forums such as POTN and Fred Miranda are great for selling and buying. You are amongst a targeted group of photographers. The fees to list the items are small and sometimes subscription-based. The only other fee would be paypal fee of 3%. Some even offer their own feedback system. I would describe these as a good balance betwee the safety and reliability of Ebay (ddue to Paypal protection) and the price return of Craigslist. Again, use your judgment when selling. Look at feedback, engage in communication and google. :)

Craigslist - Safe....maybe?! You will probably get the most money this way as there are technically no fees. The flipside is the safett and reliability. I've actually had great luck both buying and selling photography equipment on Craigslist...even up to $1500. If you choose this options, highly suggest doing your research. When selling photography equipment in 2020, it is rare that the buy does not have an online presence (social media, flickr, online gallery, etc...). A simple google search should reassure you that the person is legit and real. You know what they say...if you can't google a person...they don't exist :) Try to engage in a friendly communication with the person to get a better sense of them. I try to make sure I have a phone number and not just the craigslist reply emailer system. Lastly you want to meet in a safe and public place. Coffee shop or even a parking lot... as long as there are people around. Keep in mind that despite these precautions...things can still go use your best judgment when going to Craigslist route. If it doesn't feel probably isn't.

Lastly, I just wanted to break down the values of the methods above based on my experiences:

A Canon 5D Mark IV - MSRP $2500
You should expect to get: $1200 from a retailer, $1500 from Ebay, $1700 from a Forum, and $1800 from Craiglist.

Remember, however you decide to sell, be smart about shipping. If an item has to be shipped, make sure you insure it with the appropriate amount. Also, make sure you pack the item adequately to guard against any kind of damage during transit. Remember that sellers are responsible for the item until it is in the hands of the buyer.

I actually had a horror story with FedEx regarding a "missing item" last year. IF you have a few minutes and want to be entertained, read it here:

This is all just based on my experience in selling camera equipment off and on for the past 12 years or so. PLease share your thoughts, opinions and experiences.

Does anyone have any experience with GEarFocus?

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Aug 26, 2015
How do I sell gear? With great difficulty :)

It highly depends on the location, but local is the best for me and I get the most interest from facebook (also in groups specifically for that brand), I do advertise on other free sites and people view it, they very rarely send a message and it is usually a lowball offer.
I've read somewhere that there is a 'trick' to put it up multiple times on the fb marketplace in multiple locations so much more people can view them, but I haven't tried it, I guess they will try to filter that out.

I guess ebay is by far the best to actually sell the item, but it is also the most costly and it can very dangerous for sellers with the potential returns, etc. a lot of people hate it for that reason and I can't blame them, I only put it there as a last resort.

Pretty safe to buy though, never had any major problem, and if I did, I got the refund I requested.
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Jul 20, 2010
Springfield, IL
I've never had a problem selling on eBay. For me it's a good compromise between a trade in (I understand why resellers don't offer very good prices for used equipment, but I don't think it's worth the convenience) and selling through something like Craig's List, which I think is riskier and works better if you are a large city where there is more demand.
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