How to arrange lighting in a room of mirrors and glass?


CR Pro
Feb 14, 2017
I need to take some action shots at the martial arts studio I attend. Fortunately it will all be staged so I can arrange the subjects, not a competition. The overhead lighting is horrible for photography (isn't it always...). The room is about 60 feet by 40 feet, with mirrors from 2 feet off the ground to about 8 feet high all along one long wall. The other 3 are glass which of course is not anti glare coated or anything. So, yeah, flashes and lighting glare like crazy. To work with I have 4 speedlights with radio remote, two LED always on worklights, 5 umbrellas, and one octo box. Kinda thinking the only real option is "hatchet" lighting, about 90 degrees off the camera and 180 to the subject. Does putting the lighting really high up (above the mirror's reflecting angle) or on the floor shooting up work?? Any other suggestions appreciated.