I can get an EPSON V700 scanner for $100, I have a V600, would it be worth it?


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Mar 28, 2012
HI all,
I have a friend that has an Epson V700 scanner. It needs the power cable/power brick.....he will sell to me for $100.

I'm starting to try to research this model and see how it rates against my V600....and whether it would be worth my while to get this in addition to my current scanner.

Anyone have any thoughts or experience with the V700?

Opinions greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance,


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Mar 25, 2011
I bought a used V700 a few years ago for $125, it was missing some of the templates and pieces needed to scan film. I found a place selling the pieces and bought them. Its a good scanner, and that was a bargain price since it was then the current model.

It works with Windows 10, and the Epson software still works, so its well worth $100.

I use mine occasionally, recently, I scanned a few hundred photos found in the estate of my wife's relative, did a few 2 days ago. I have not used it extensively to scan slides or film. I have 4 epson photo scanners now, I need to get rid of the unused ones.

I can't compare it to the V600, so you may need to rely on reviews. The main issue is that its old and slow, and has no network connectivity which would be useful at times. Unfortunately, even the V800 has USB 2 connectivity, so the scanner itself is the speed bottleneck. Its one of the few affordable choises for large transparencies, for slides, its not the best, but my old slides are not all that wonderful anyway.

I think that the Epson Scan software is common to all the scanners, so its just a matter of scan quality and speed.

I also have a Fujitsu desktop document scanner that is fast, I've never considered doing photos with it, its great for copying large printed documents, both sides at a time, it can copy a multi hundred page document in just a very few minutes. It gets used for scanning checks so the images can be uploaded for remote bank deposits,

I once used the same model to scan over 100,000 4 X 6 cards for a friend. It went thru several sets of rollers, took a few months, but could have done much more.

I also have a HP laser printer, fax, scanner that gets used for casual copying because of its network connectivity, its easy to use.

I don't know how I came to have so many scanners, I've just acquired them over the years. Only the V700, the Fujitsu, and the HP get used, each for its purpose.
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