In search of advice: RP better than the original 6D ?


RP 6D 90D
Jul 23, 2017
Currently I have a 90D and a 6D. My wife uses the 90D. I have my 6D since 2012 and I am very very pleased with it. Allways nice pictures. I love the colors. I am using it for travel or family pictures. No sports, perhaps sometimes tennis or dancing, that's all. Nothing very fast. And 20 Megapixels is enough for me. Everything just fine.
I do a little bit PaintShop Pro and Canon DPP, and than mostly on JPGs. We have very nice photo albums and photo memories!

The only thing lacklustering is perhaps the 6D 11-points-autofocus-system.
Most of the time I am focusing with the center point. And I do focus and recompose (on human eye).
But 30% of the time, my focus is not completely sharp. (And no, it's not my lens, it is me probably.)
Focus is not bad either, and hey, I am no photographer. (But I really try very hard to have good focus and it frustrates me.)

I was planning to buy an EF 16-35 F4 (920 Euros 21% taxes included in Belgium. 1 Euro = 1.19 $).
I can use that lens on both cameras.
There is now a good Canon Cashback (120 Euros) when I combine it with a NEW camera. So than the lens costs only 800 Euros.
And the Eos Rp is available at 1000 Euros (21% taxes included).
That's perhaps a bargain? A cheap RP combined with the good EF 16-35 F4 and than also a nice cashback.

Total price RP+EF-cashback = 1800 Euro tax incl. (= approximately 1770 US $ tax excl to have some comparison)

And now comes my question. Would the RP be (much) better in Autofocus than the 6D? And for a little bit faster action?
- It is mirrorless: it introduces me in the new world
- I can try an RF 35 1.8 STM or the RF 85 2.0 STM
- I can learn some new things
- I can dream of expensive lenses... (And I know the R6 is better, but no way I will pay those prices.)

So in one sentence: Is the RP a good upgrade over the original 6D ? (I am thinking of autofocus. Given the fact that the image quality will be the same probably. I did already see a lot of reviews on YouTube.)

Or should I wait for a new R-entry-level-camera (higher price) and buy the lens (without cashback).


CR Pro
Dec 9, 2013
I used to have a 6D, and I liked it a lot. I am also an RP owner and like it too. I did not take a linear upgrade path from 6D to RP. I got a 5Ds R and just stopped using the 6D because the 5Ds R is so much better in multiple ways. I ended up selling my 6D and then realizing that for travel the 5Ds R is bulkier and heavier than I prefer unless it is a very photography focused trip. That led me to the RP which is very satisfying as a travel camera. The RP focus is better and more flexible than the 6D (focus area, ability to autofocus to F11, focus accuracy). The RP is smaller and lighter than the 6D which is great for travel. I am mainly interested in stills, but the ability of the RP to take 4K video is something I occasionally use for challenging subjects because you can often get a respectable 8MP still photo from a video that would be otherwise hard to get. In favor of the 6D, I do prefer an optical viewfinder.
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