Indoor Timelapse for rebuilding work


EOS M6 Mark II
Mar 19, 2013
I need some advice on how to best approach this.

We will be gutting an office floor and rebuilding it soon. And I wanted to make a timelapse video of all the work involved.

The cool thing is, its indoors, and well lit. So I dont need any special weatherproof gear or auto lighting shizzle (maybe I'll enable auto iso and deflicker in post.)

But my main question is. As I wont be able to use my 5d and lenses for is due to overlapping assignments. I need to get new gear to do this. But what will be the best solution?

I'm open to suggestions from webcam/raspberry pi combo to gopro to dslr with custom firmware. As long as I can leave it running for days.

The end product only has to be 720p because it will mainly be shared on the web.

Let me know what you suggest.