Industry News: Nikon officially announces their flagship D6 DSLR


Jul 31, 2019
mirrorless does have better Af
the A9 series is class leading
Mirror people will come along because mirrors will become obsolete in 5 years.

excited to see what the R5 brings

You got me to click on this garbage, whose take home message is that the A9 II is the future. I suppose he is what we Brits say about Marmite or our Aussie brothers Vegemite: you hate it or love it. The AF stuff is nonsense. The previous Nikon AF module runs rings around all the mirrorless with thousands of points apart from the A9 II. And the A9 II was castigated for being a minor upgrade over the A9. It's not the number of AF points that count but what the camera does with them. I suppose I had better get used to mirrorless.

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Mar 25, 2011
My first thought after Polin's review, was Nikon could have skipped the upgrade altogether.
With the 2020 Olympics coming (Maybe), its a great time to sell a new model. Many want the latest and greatest and will buy even with minimal new features. All the manufacturers do this, Sony did with the A9II, and Canon to a lesser extent with the 1DX MK III.

Its my belief that R&D $$ are going into mirrorless, so new features that cost a ton to develop are being reserved until the market is there to pay for them. That seems like it may take another 4 years if ever. There are often "under the hood" improvements for minor issues in the previous model that are not advertised, so could be a good reason to upgrade.