Is Canon working on smartphone addons? This design seems to suggest that they are


R5, C70
Mar 12, 2019
They will need to reduce the size. Maybe they already have. Because the competition already has a smaller form factor. Maybe what Canon is offering has more. We shall see

Mt Spokane Photography

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CR Pro
Mar 25, 2011

You are comparing snap on lenses with what appears to be a tiny sensor camera that links to a smartphone.
This is not a lens, its more like DXO 1. How many of those sold? It was a dismal flop.

Check the photo, the phone camera lens is nowhere near it. It would not balance if the phone were placed clear down so the phone lens was over the device. Phones are not magnetic either, they almost all use wireless charging which stops easy use of any magnetic plates to attach to a camera.

Mt Spokane Photography

I post too Much on Here!!
CR Pro
Mar 25, 2011
Even though I expect it would be a flop, Canon may be indeed planning to crowd source it.

This is from their 3rd quarter report just released.

"In addition to shifting to high value-added interchangeable-lens cameras like the EOS R5, we will expand sales of other cameras based on new design concepts that actively incorporate the various ideas of our young employees."


Sep 21, 2020
Looks a lot like an OSMO POCKET, I have the first version of it (DJI recently released an updated version 2) I absolutely love the thing, it makes a great B camera, and the quality is really suprisingly good. Canon would really need to knock it out of the ball park in order to compete against DJI on that space

Antono Refa

Mar 26, 2014
I was trying to say that with Smart phones becoming so much part of normal life for the majority of the population, why not concentrate on making the interfaces between the cameras and smart phones more useable and slick. Yes the Cannon connect and Image.Canon APPS work but they are not exactly what anyone would call slick or intuitive.

I'm not going to argue with that.


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Mar 28, 2012
I think the future for companies making high end cameras is not for add-on lenses on phones.
Phone makers add lenses on their own already, even adding multiple (tiny) sensors behind multiple lenses in the same phone already.

Let's face it:
- That phone has more CPU and GPU power than a camera
- The phone is highly connected to wireless networks (both cell/GSM as well as WiFi etc.)
- The phone has access to high end photo retouching software
- A phone's (touch) screen is far better than any ever found on any other device
- ...

And no matter what the phone makers keep adding as sensors and lenses in their ultra compact design, they'll never replace our DSLR (or mirrorless full frame for those that are there) camera's quality as the physical dimensions to do that are simply not there. Still that phone has Lightroom, Photoshop, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The world today is expecting instant consumption for photography, not allowing a photographer a few weeks to process the images - the other attendees will have shared their crappy pictures long before the photographer gets home or to the office to process it all in Lightroom and send it to the (paying) customer.

So instead of making add-on lenses: making sensors(and lenses) that replace a phone's tiny camera and use the rest of the phone and its software to do editing in the field, to manage pictures, to upload it to social media, etc.
Then think about ergonomics while taking pictures and you'll end up with a need for physical buttons you can feel while taking a picture, to not have to watch a screen as the sun can make it impossible to look at while taking that picture etc.

I'm not talking about a crappy app by the likes of canon: just no. Just allow the phone high speed access tot the camera, and let the phone and it's third party apps do the rest and take control.

It's not just me either: it's also in articles like these:

So yes: I think there's a need to embrace parts of what makes a modern phone an appreciated device by almost all of us, but combine it with what makes a pro(sumer) camera wanted by photographers like the ergonomics, the sensor size, the choice in lenses, ...

I suppose some next generation cameras could come with Cellular SIM cards for them, for instant sends?
The camera back screen would likely have menus for an OS similar to the least for those that want this much "instant' with a regular real camera.



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Mar 28, 2012
Do people really buy these contraptions to be used with smartphones? People use smartphones to make photos because they are simple and quick to use. Having to attach other pieces, making them clumsier and slower to use never.

Nor I would like a camera body that needs too often a phone to be controlled. It is really far clumsier to have to operate both a camera and a phone at the same time.

I"ve bought lenses for my iPhones before, I like the Moondog Labs anamorphic lenses that clip onto the cameras, either directly, or on a special case that has a screw on mount over the lens you want the adapter on top of.

This is great for video, but also I like it for stills.

You can also hook your phone to a gimble that works great with things like this using apps like Filmic Pro....

So, yes, people buy stuff like this. I've seen people rig out a phone for video much in the same manner as you'd do for a real camera.



Oct 24, 2018
It's a very different device. It's a small stabilized camera working on its own. No need to attach it on a phone. I do believe the Powershoot Zoom could be a nice idea, but this ones reminds me of several phone add-ons that look good on paper but never went anywhere.

I agree. Sony QX series didn't last long.

May be it is time to try again with micro gimbal in the camera. The camera should be independent, and still could be attached to mobile phone or any other wearable place.

Check "Ordro EP7" camera for example. Idea is good, but lens and sensor are from 2008. Believe me! I ordered it and sent it back on day 2 after I got it.

Micro gimbaled 1" sensor and lens could be the "new" idea.