Is the ultimate astro lens coming? Another RF 14-21mm f/1.4L USM mention [CR2]

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Jul 20, 2010
I have been told to expect a “world’s first” wide-angle zoom lens from Canon in the next few months, the official announcement date and shipping date are unknown at this time.
The source claims that a Canon RF 14-21mm f/1.4L USM is currently being tested by select photographers. We’ve seen a patent for such a lens in the past and I have heard mentions of this lens a few times over the last year or so.
There are a couple of other crazy lens designs I’ve heard about that I hope to let you all know about soon.
More to come…

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Jan 28, 2015
The Ozarks
Holy shit... how heavy will this be?!
2-3kg?! And a price of 3-5k€!?
You don’t need 1,4f for Astro... better less coma etc.
hopefully with filter rear mount! (or body clip in filters)
Who doesn’t need f/1.4 for Astro? You? Personally, I found f/2.8 to be too slow. I’ll decide what I need/want all on my own. Thanks.
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