It’s back! The 5DayDeal Photography Bundle is all new for 2021 and it’s the best one yet

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Jul 20, 2010
Heres that one thing that holds so many back! In the beginning, most photographers spend the bulk of their time learning new tricks and techniques, pining over educational resources that will turn them into the creative they aspire to be, and working on their business chops. Somewhere along the lines, though, most of those individuals stop seeking new knowledge. Despite the rapidly changing technology and trends, they just stop, and then their work becomes obsolete. So the final tip I am going to provide today is this: NEVER STOP LEARNING.
While this global pandemic may have taken much from us, one benefit is that online learning is at an all-time high! More resources are available to us than ever before, and the quality of these learning resources is astonishing—never before have we seen online education this thorough, and for the next 5 days, it’s affordable too!
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Mar 22, 2012
Anyone else out there who has made this purchase in the past and found it as worthwhile as is being promoted?
I've bought it more than once. In the end I've barely watched any of it or used much of it. It is sort of dumping material that exists anyway to get some money from it. Its not necessarily bad value as there are always worthwhile things in it but its spending money you wouldn't normally spend. You certainly wouldn't spend the outrageous full prices (which don't exist in reality as they are always discounted).
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Aug 5, 2020
I got this 2 years ago but it had a lot more directed toward video. That year i got a lot of useful courses, training, luts, etc. This has been photographer specific for the last 2 years which isn't for me but have had good experience with this in the past.
There is a photo bundle and a video bundle each year....
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