Jacobs Closing DOwn Sale

Very sad about Jacobs closing. I always liked their stores and staff and bought a few things from them, including my 5DMkII.

I was *very* close to ordering my 5DMkIII but an odd series of events meant I ended up buying it from Jessops.

I just got an email saying they have a closing down sale in Leicester on Saturday and wondered if anyone had any inside info.

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Mar 25, 2011
If you have 1/3 of your stores losing money, and dragging down the 2/3 that make a profit, its time to stop wishing for a miracle and stop the bleeding. Even that might be too late to save them, since buyers will be wary about ordering from them and potentially losing their money.
P&S Sales have tanked due to cell phones on the low end, and mirrorless on the high end, and thats where most sales have come from in the past.
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