Join my friend Andy Biggs at 12PM EST today for his free Lightroom & Wildlife webinar

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Jul 20, 2010
Looking for something productive to do this week? If you are unable to get to work or if you are looking to improve your wildlife post-processing skills in Adobe Lightroom, come spend an hour with me as I go through my own workflow, using Lightroom as the tool. This is not intended to teach you Lightroom, rather it is intended to show you how I use Lightroom for my own photographs and how to streamline the processing of images.

Do you ever go back and move a slider and everything falls apart and has to be re-done?
Do you understand how to do masking in the local adjustment tools?
Do you understand the relationship between tonal contrast and hue contrast?
Do you often use the Saturation slider to make images pop, but wonder why any other slider makes images look overblown afterward?

Come and hang out with me. Let’s have fun. I have some African wildlife photographs that need processing, so spend some time with me as we process some of them together.
Lightroom Processing Tips

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