Kase Wolverine Magnetic Filter System Review...


Itchy shutter finger...
CR Pro
After researching for quite a bit, I finally bit the bullet and purchased the Kase Wolverine Magnetic System.

I initially ordered the 82mm set (Adapter, CPL, 0.9 GND, 3.0 ND) to accommodate my RF 15-35mm and EF 24-70mm lenses which both have 82mm filter threads. ($381 at B&H - no tax with B&H credit card) After performing some tests, I saw that despite the slim profiles of the filters, vignetting was present when stacking 2 filters (CPL + GND or CPL + ND)...and was more evident while stacking all 3 filters. (CPL + GND + ND)

I ended up returning that and ordering the 95mm "Master" set which came with a 95mm CPL, 95mm 0.9 GND, 95mm 3.0 ND, 95mm adapter, 77-95mm Step-Up Adapter, 82-95mm Step-Up Adapter and 95mm magnetic lens cap. This was a great deal at 2filter.com. $425 - 10% sign-up coupon = $382. (No tax and free 2-Day Shipping) Since this comes with the 77mm and 82mm Step-Up adapters, you can attach these the lens threads with 77mm and 82mm without any concern to vignetting.

The filters were solidly constructed. Great quality rings and glass. The 4-filter pouch was also good quality and has a clip on the back to clip onto bags, belts, etc...

One concern I had was the strength of the magnets...but I am happy to report the magnets are very strong. The CPL, GND and ND are all strong enough to hold firmly, even while carrying around a swinging camera. The magnetic strength of the lens cap itself is VERY strong and can sometimes be difficult to get off "on-the-fly". The gap between the lens cap and adapter/filters is very small so you have to get your fingernail in between and put in some muscle.

The convenience factor of this system, coming from someone who has been using screw-in filters for the past 10+ years, is simply revolutionary. As I became accustomed to the system, I found that I was more likely switch filters to get more variations in my photography as opposed to before where I would have to consider the amount of time/effort to switch up filters. To add, remove and replace filter so easily and quickly really changes everything.