Linear polarisers on mirrorless bodies

Apr 12, 2014
It is possible to use a linear polariser on a mirrorless body such as the R5.

I thought circular polarisers were required when the mirror of the SLR had a portion that was transmitting as well as reflecting, i.e. to send light to the AF unit or exposure meter.

As there is no mirror in mirrorless, can a linear polariser be used.

My experience, although it is quite at long time since I have used a linear polariser, is that they had a much greater polarising effect, to the point where for landscapes you had back it off from maximum polarisation as it made grass and foliage look too saturated and unnatural. I have never come across this situation with a circular polariser.
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Mar 25, 2011
Try it, see if the AF is affected. From what I read, it should be OK. They are certainly not common any longer. I may have a few for my old manual focus film cameras. I've dozens of old filters.
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