Luminar 2019 with libraries coming soon from Skylum software, this will be a free upgrade for current users

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Skylum Software will be releasing Luminar 2019 with Libraries in December of 2019, if not earlier. This update will be a big one, and to make it even bigger, Skylum is giving it away for free to current license holders.
About Luminar 2019 Libraries:
The first version of Libraries in Luminar is all about these main points: performance, comfort, and a complete user experience. This means the new version will give you speed to browse & organize images without the extra wait time. This means that you’ll enjoy your photos moments after you start the software.
A summary of what’s coming for Luminar

The new Luminar with Libraries will come this December.
This update is free for all Luminar 2018 users.
There will be NO paid upgrade to Luminar 2019.
Instead, you will get the new tools and features as free updates to your current version of Luminar.
More AI-powered tools will come to Luminar soon.
We will get better in keeping you updated on what’s coming.
Some of you will...

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