M6 Mark II - Hands on Review


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Apr 2, 2015
Yeah, absolutely disable continuous AF. That option is only useful (for me) in video. During photos I don't want the camera to AF unless I tell it to - hence my love of the dedicated back button focus. :)
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Oct 20, 2019
I got my M6 mkII with EF adapter last week and have used it three times for more than just a few snapshots. The first event (motorsport) the camera lasted 916 full size jpg shots - didnt turn it off, left the AF on so didnt try to conserve battery. Today I went 822 before the battery went zero.

I'm trying to work out how best to use the AF and tracking - so far I would say that I am only outright deleting 5% of anything - altho today I deleted 7 out of the 822. I seem to be getting more absolute clarity than the7DmkII and 1D mk IV I also have.

I have had zero issues with EF adapted glass.

So far I've only really used JPG but I shot JPG+RAW today

http://alliancemotorsport.org/newgallery/upload/2019/10/13/20191013005530-97d11ebb.jpg - nothing fancy but it's an example of the type of detail it'll get

http://alliancemotorsport.org/newgallery/i.php?/upload/2019/10/17/20191017014627-2517f1d2-xx.jpg - I find it more difficult to properly pan with but that's more a change in technique. Also admittedly I havent quite worked out the best way to use the AF for motorsport. With the other cameras it's well documented and also why you use the AF zone and mode and for the 7D mk II the tracking type.

I have other pros and cons but for now the fact that I can exceed the 7D mk II is exactly all that needs to be said. Mostly right now, the 7D mk II being weather sealed is mostly why it'll remain the primary.