Magnetic Filter Recommendations?


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Anyone have any experience using magnetic filter systems (Freewell, Kase, others?!)

I have been using screw in filters (most B&W) for a while now with good results. Although I am too lazy to transition over to the plate (Lee or similar) systems, I find the magnetic systems intriguing.

Any recommendations?
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Jul 21, 2010
I've used magentic filters, CC30M as screw-in back in the BW film days, and also as large sheets to wrap fluorescent lights in scientific imaging applications.

As for magnetic filters, I have come across them a few times including once being used by someone shooting next to me. I was using B+W screw-ins, and he certainly had an easier time changing filters. He did say he was not as happy with the optical quality as his prior Lee square kit, but that the magnetic ones were very convenient. Apologies, I don't recall what brand he was using.