Managed Color for Unamanged Software


Thoroughbred of Sin
Mar 31, 2019
I have calibrated my monitor and preserve the ICC profile from my R5 and for most things this is great: I get accurate color ignoring uncalibrated devices my pictures look more or less the same everywhere.

Everywhere, except a small image-sharing website: Instagram. Perhaps you've heard of it? I think they're just starting out and don't preserve the ICC profile through their content pipeline (and don't get me started on their goddamn 4:5 crop!)

Amazingly, Facebook (a totally and completely unrelated company) actually preserves the color profile properly. If only they could share a bit of code with the Instagram guys...

And before you ask, no, I'm not using Adobe RGB or anything. It seems that's the most common mistake from what I can tell from Google.

Anyway, another thing I noticed was the Windows 10 Photos app briefly shows the unmamanged version of my JPGs for a split-second before replacing it with the corrected version. This is actually painfully slow on my craptop when viewing the monstrous R5 images at native resolution so I get a good look at the color shift.

So it occurred to me: what if I there was a way I could remap the colors from the correct ICC profile to the some sort of "default sRGB profile" so that apps that ignore the embedded profile and use defaults are less likely to mess it up. Does that make any sense? I tried this in the GIMP: Image => Color Management => Convert to Color Profile, and exported but I'm not sure it did anything.

Is there such a thing? "Convert to a neutral ICC profile" so unmanaged apps are less likely to mangle things?

PS: I have yet to find a fast JPG viewer for Windows that correctly manages color; if you can recommend one I'd be grateful.