Maternity shoot


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Aug 23, 2013
Bahia Brazil
The first two photos are beautiful. The third, though very beautiful, does not seem to value the pregnancy because her belly was not very prominent. The breasts are more evident, becoming more sensuous than a maternal feeling.

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Jan 19, 2011
Each of the three have strong and weak points. They are sufficiently crafted and moody enough I believe the subject will not focus on deficiencies.

Overall, with these and others photos you've shown, my overriding impression is that you're trying too hard. I think the work would be better with somewhat less intensity.

And as a disclaimer, that's just my opinion. I'm no artist, and I'm only an adequate photographer.


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May 8, 2013
Thank you for NOT photo-shopping an ultrasound picture of the baby onto the woman's belly. Thank you.

But since you asked for opinions, I will start with questions for you, the photographer.

When setting up these shots, what story were you intending to tell?
What aspects of this pregnant woman did you want to depict in the photograph/
- Were you trying to capture the introspective feeling of the woman carrying a life-form?
- Were you trying to capture the sensuousness of a pregnant woman?
- Were you trying to capture the evolving beauty of a pregnant woman?
- Do you just like taking pictures of pregnant woman's tits? :p

It was unclear from looking at these pictures, what exactly you were after.

The first shot is, in my opinion, the best. Are you happy with the lighting effect? If the picture turned out the way you wanted it to turn out, then it is a good picture for you. The pose was nice and the woman's expression was pleasant. The backlighting of the dress worked out better than the backlighting of her head.

Interesting use of gels in the second picture. What were you trying to do and were you successful?

The next two pictures, confused me as to what you were trying to capture. Technically, they were good photographs, but from an artistic standpoint, the story was not clear... well, not clear to me.

As long as everything came out the way you intended, these are technically good pictures. From an artistic standpoint, everyone has their own opinions.

If you are happy with how these pictures came out, perhaps you could share your thought/design process. That would be a great help to those of us.. OK me, who are still working on composition issues.
thanks for replies. the first shot was a fluke of lighting, using a 180mm sigma macro standing about 20m away - there is virtually no processing in that image. the second is using 600ex speedlites with gels on tripods. the third is sensual - i find maternity / pregnancy not only sensual but also sexual - there was a lot more revealing/sexual pics i took in this shoot but dare not reveal as public opinion seems to say 'sexuality and pregnancy is taboo'.


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I know what you mean, JM. Combining sexuality with pregnancy is not politically correct, but I do find that some women wish to portray that combination in their maternity photos. I suppose they seek me out because of my reputation.

I won't post any of my images here out of respect for the forum, but if you would like to visit my site and view the maternity gallery, the password is Columbia