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CR Pro
Oct 30, 2016
Here are a couple of quick shots I grabbed of tonight's Pink Moon.


CR Pro
Sep 3, 2019
That would be the Southern cross right at the top and the two 'pointers' a bit lower. Basically our version of the North star
Went and looked it up. I suspected the two "pointers" were Alpha and Beta Centauri (the one time I was far enough south, I had seen them, they are VERY hard to miss). I had forgotten they served as pointers to Crux. It does look like one of the four stars in Crux might be off the top of the image, which made it even less likely I'd recognize it. (And I suspect some stretching up-and-down like with any very wide angle lens.) Crux itself "points" to the south celestial pole, of course, rather than being almost precisely on it like Polaris is.

By use of one of those celestial sphere globes, I think I've identified Triangulum, and I can see where Scorpius ought to be but I can't trace it. Sagittarius wouldn't be quite where I thought it was though, and I still can't trace it either (it may be lower left behind that tree limb rather than where I was looking). Those latter two constellations I can see from here.
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