My EOS R doesn’t overheat. Why buy the new cameras?


Jul 14, 2018
I guess you would if your needs include 8K or 4K (full sensor) shooting within the time limitations for those shooting modes. Otherwise, I'm sure you'll be happy sticking with the EOS R.
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Sep 3, 2019
I use a EOS R for wedding videography and it’s great. It has ZERO “modes” where it overheats. Please tell me why the R5 and R6 are better...
This is kind of a backward way to ask the question. It doesn't allow for the possibility that the R5 might be able to do anything your R can do, without overheating either. In other words, it might only overheat on some of the modes the R does not offer you.

Does any mode the EOS R offers, overheat on the R5? If the answer is no, then the R5 would not leave you worse off than your R. And it might give you something the R does not, either with or without a heat-induced time limit.

Antono Refa

Mar 26, 2014
I think convincing you to upgrade cameras is Canon sales department's job. If you said what you'd like to do the R doesn't allow you, people could give you meaningful replies.

There's an old joke about a banker who went to a doctor, the doctor asked what brings him to his office today, and the banker says "my crotch hurts when I do this" and performs a perfect split leap.

The R5 overheats when it does some things the R doesn't, and which you've shown no interest in. So why won't you just keep on not doing those things, just with an R5? It would gain you 50% more pixels and a 2nd memory slot.


Sep 5, 2018
If you have an R and the R5 and R6 aren't doing it for you. There is no reason to feel compelled to buy them, they'll be a mark II and for that $4000 you can get one or two more RF lenses for your R if the money is burning a hole in your pocket.
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Mt Spokane Photography

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Mar 25, 2011
I have a R, its great, but there are features in the R5 I'd like. Focus Bracketing. f/22 autofocus, 5GHZ fast wi-fi, better evf, better fit in my large hand, and several more. But, if I sold my R, I would still cost me another ~$2500 plus new cards and likely a bunch of new accessories like new grip.

I also have to consider that I can't go out to do a lot of photography right now, we are stuck in Stage 2 here in Spokane.
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Dec 3, 2017
I use a EOS R for wedding videography and it’s great. It has ZERO “modes” where it overheats. Please tell me why the R5 and R6 are better...

If all you do with your EOS-R is shoot wedding video and it does what you need it to do then I would argue that you don't need an R5.

I can give a list of reasons the R6 and R5 are better than the EOS-R (and I own an EOS-R) that would overload the server but as an "I only shoot wedding video" guy they wouldn't matter to you.
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Aug 27, 2019
I own the EOS R and the RP the upgrade was obvious to me.

Reasons why the R5 is an upgrade listed in order of importance to ME:

  1. 12FPS Mechanical Shutter 20FPS Electronic - R was never fast enough
  2. Full Frame 4K - My 15-35 is once again a 15-35. If the Non HQ 4K is the same or better than the R's "soft" 4K that is a big upgrade.
  3. 1.6x Crop 5.1k oversampled 4k in 30/24P - I expect this will be a big upgrade of the perceived Sharpness of the 4K - THIS SHOULD NOT BE OVER LOOKED AS AN R SHOOTER "LESS CROP/MORE AWESOME" - For users that are use to dealing with the crop on the R this will be a new default that will give better quality footage.
  4. Increased build Quality - The R is good but never as solid as the MKIV
  5. 45MP - My default for Killer shots is to get LARGE Aluminium prints - 30MP is good 45MP is better:)
  6. Improved AF - The AF tracking I am seen looks world class.
  7. Animal AF - Sharp Cat Videos are a must:)
  8. IBIS - Hope my tripod forgives me
  9. 8K Sledgehammer - The Finishing move for when you want to compromise nothing in a clip and warm your lunch after:)
That is my reason but people have to have there own reasons to spend the money for what is in my mind a clear upgrade.
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Oct 20, 2018
I appreciate the replies. I’ve got money saved up and I’m looking for a new second camera before the next wedding in November. I need a reliable camera because during the ceremony and the reception I will be running one of the cameras on a tripod for around 30 min.
If I buy an R6 there are ZERO 4K modes where it doesn’t overheat and on the R5, I have to be careful to put it in the correct 4K mode or I’ll have the same problem.
In these Run and Gun wedding situations sometimes minor Errors can happen that can become huge problems. With the EOS R I have ZERO worries that my video will be ruined by overheating.
In short: I’m disappointed in the new cameras since they don’t fit my specific needs. I came home late and made this lame thread and didn’t realize I clicked “SUBMIT” until I came back to this site. Thanks again everyone for your replies and insight.
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