Need a good compact camera for 4K video


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I currently do some video work for weddings and various events, but will be doing lots more soon and so I want to buy a good, compact camera for doing 4K video.
The video from my 70D and my M5 is quite soft and after watching the video comparing the R to other mirrorless cameras, I can really see the difference between Canon video and the others.
However, while I'm not adverse to changing brands, I would prefer to stick with Canon.
A C100 or 200 is just too big and heavy for the work I do so I was thinking about a Fuji XT3 or Panasonic G5 or maybe (horror of horrors) a Sony A7 III.
Then I thought about the Canon XC10. The videos I've seen from it are quite good and it would save me from buying new lenses and accessories for it. I like the form factor of it too.

I will be using it on a Ronin S, so I'm not too worried about stabilisation, but what do you guys think of the XC10.
Is it getting too old now, and is it good for fast paced video work?

Please let me know your thoughts on what I should consider to get.
Nov 3, 2014
I don't have any experience with the XC10 but that FujiFilm X-T3 and their excellent kit lens won't cost you much more than a XC10 and to my eye the IQ is as good or better than my 1DX mark II. Add on an Ninja V and you are getting close to Canon Cinema IQ albeit without the built-in video goodies of a true cinema camera. All respect to Canon but it's an awesome little video cam.


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Thanks Graphic, but there is one thing that holds me back from the XT3.
I would HAVE to use it on a gimbal, and I'd have to buy a couple of lenses, at least, to get going.

Looking at the prices for Fuji lenses, especially here in Australia, it will be a serious investment. As much as a C100. And I can use my current EF lenses on the C100. The XC10's lens has a reasonable reach for me as it is.
Most pro cams only use 1" or smaller sensors.
Quite a conundrum!
Maybe I should just get an XF400.