NiSi officially announces the NiSi RF 9mm F/2.8 lens for APS-C cameras

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Jul 20, 2010
The Transcontinenta Group, distributor NiSi Benelux, introduces the all-new NiSi 9mm F2.8 ultra-wide angle for APS-C Sony FE, Canon RF, Nikon Z and Fuji-X mirrorless cameras as well as M4/3 cameras.
NiSi has long been known among professional photographers as one of the best manufacturers of high-quality “square” filters and filter holders for almost every camera brand and type of lens.  In recent years, NiSi has expanded its range to include circular filters, filters for luxury compact cameras from Sony, Ricoh and Fuji, a NiSi Close-up Lens Kit and an NM-180 Macro Focusing Rail. In early 2021, NiSi took the next step, using its technological know-how in manufacturing high-quality glass in developing NiSi’s first lens, the NiSi 15mm F4.0 for full-frame mirrorless cameras. Today, with the 9mm F2.8, NiSi presents the second ultra-wide-angle lens with an angle of view of a whopping 113 degrees, for APS-C and M4/3 mirrorless cameras...

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Surprised a bit that this hasn't drawn a little bit of attention. Imagine a nice 9 mm on a crop sensor, especially if it has good control of coma and such. Manual focus, no doubt, but could be useful for astro.
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Oh, but Canon doesn't allow third part RF lenses.
Try again, but do make some attempt to do some research first.

The NiSi is a manual lens. Canon does not prevent anyone manufacturing or selling manual RF lenses.

Wex lists 23 Laowa RF lenses, 2 Samyang RF lenses and 3 Kipon RF lenses, including:

Samyang/Rokinon 14mm F2.8
Samyang/Rokinon 85mm F1.4

Kipon 24mm F2.4
Kipon 50mm F2.4
Kipon 90mm F2.4

Laowa 12mm Zero-D F2.8
Laowa 15mm Zero-D F2
Laowa 15mm Zero-D Shift F4.5
Laowa 20mm Zero-D Shift F4
Laowa 24mm Macro Probe F14
Laowa 25mm Ultra Macro F2.8
Laowa Argus 35mm F0.95
Laowa Argus 45mm F0.95
Laowa 85mm Macro F5.6
Laowa 90mm Macro F2.8
Laowa 100mm Macro F2.8
Laowa 12-24mm F5.6

Laowa 24mm Periprobe T14
Laowa 7.5mm Zero-D Cine T2.9
Laowa 25-100mm Cine T2.9
Laowa 12mm Zero-D Cine T2.9
Laowa 9mm Zero-D Cine T2.9
Laowa 15mm Zero-D Cine T2.1

Oh, and there are also 19 Lensbaby RF lenses.

... and of course, no less than 30 of Canon's own RF lenses, all with AF.

You're rather spoilt for choice aren't you?
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