Ocean/surf photography equipment & tips

Dec 15, 2019
I have a Canon 70D with the following lenses:
10-18mm wide angle
twin kit lense
nifty fifty
I used to do a lot of hobby photography years ago with my old 450D, then i upgraded to 70D a few years ago and i haven't actually gotten into it that much, but i'd now like to start making more time for photography again, specifically ocean/surf photography.
I would like to know what your suggestions are for recommended underwater housing? Im thinking of the aquatech base II
what housing would you recommend for a beginner? i want something that is reasonably decent to use so i dont have to upgrade again anytime soon. whats usually the best place to buy water housings online for best price? also what accessories would you recommend that i purchase with the housing?
what lenses do you recommend? is any that i have sufficient, or should i get another lense?
thanks so much!!
Gold Coast, Australia


CR Pro
Mar 28, 2012
Are you going to try to be shooting while ON a surfboard, riding it?

If so, I might suggest you look at one of the nicer 360 cameras and get the waterproof housing for them....the Insta 360 One X looks to really be a solid option....it should be able to be mounted to a board fairly readily I think and then the 360 footage can be edited to show whatever views you want in post (not always a circle, but linear rectangular shots, etc...

Or if using the selfie stick, it disappears from view when stitched.

I'm wondering if they'll have a new one coming out...so, if not in a rush, I might wait a bit.

Gopro just had a new 360 camera come out and it has some real positives....I'm seeing that a couple of newer offerings coming out by other companies may really blow it away.....so, I'd say if you have a couple months, wait, but I would recommend you consider a good 360 camera with what can be done with them today, especially with action photography/video.

I'd think it would be a natural for surf photography and videos....