On1 2022.5 - R5 profile support


CR Pro
Jan 25, 2017
In case folks are still interested in offboarding the Adobe train

So been playing with the latest On1 RAW 2022.5 and they finally got the colour profiles for the R5.. its not perfect, but it is better than they had previously, especially in neutral.. it means I can dispense with a kludgy solution I had using R5 LUTs made for movies on RAW files.. It was kludgy because it meant presets would remove the LUT, which made the process .. tedious. Now seems better.

It matters because they give an awful lot of really good presets away for free with the standard ON1 RAW purchase and while they do have a subscription service, its not needed and the price is competitive.

Some subtle improvements to the denoise engine, been getting some decent results even at high ISOs (6400 and sometimes even 12800) if exposed more or less correctly.