Patent: 360 degree camera from Canon

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Jul 20, 2010
LetsGoDigital has found a Canon patent application with the USPTO for a 360-degree camera, the patent was published on October 4, 2018
The device has 8 cameras that can zoom independently of each other and will overlap each other to make image stitching a breeze. The camera can capture full 360-degree images as well as panoramics.
The camera also comes with a built-in tripod for easy placement anywhere. The device can also be controlled remotely via a computer or smartphone.
It also looks like the camera has various lighting options built-into the orb-shaped body.
This is a pretty detailed patent for what appears to be a product close to production. If we’re going to see this type of camera, I would think CES in January will be the place Canon might show it off.


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