Patent: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 with apodization filter


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Mar 22, 2019
I've been using the 50 1.4 in all its' different versions since '75. I did buy the Sigma Art 50 on sale a while back and intended to sell the Canon 50 but decided to keep it for the small size. When using the M5 for my walk around the Canon 50 fits in my jacket pocket with room to spare.

I ended up doing the same thing with the 85 1.8 after buying the Art 85 1.4
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Jul 28, 2011
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Interesting comments.

I have been shooting with the 50 1.4 for about 8 years, exclusively at 2.8. At that aperture, I have experienced none of the image quality concerns that permeate these comments. Mine is very took four copies to land on my current version. However, once i go below 2.8, the AF pretty much goes to hell. And at 1.4, the image is a haze.

And i also own a 35 f2 IS- that was nicely fixed up by canon after being sold a broken lens. Um, yeah, my 50 is better than the new model 35 in both sharpness and bokeh. Boken for the 35 is not one its strong points- it is rakish at best, and oof trees and shrubbery can look pretty horrible at times.

That said I am curious why canon has not updated the optical formula for this, the 85 18 (and its UGLY purple hazey, wide open images). They have put in a ton of work for an L version, while the normal version lingers. The forums + customers for years have been begging for an update, and...nothing. 20 years old's just crazy.
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