Patent: Canon RF 135mm f/1.4L DS USM optical formula


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Jan 29, 2011
If you don't understand the fascination with these large lenses, you probably aren't a portrait photographer (or at least, a different kind of portrait photographer). I love them, and spend a bit more time in the gym to prepare for my shoots. You can't replicate the files you get through these lenses with any "lighter" lenses. Some fake it with PP'ing, but others, like me, understand.
I'll be putting that $3799 down, that's for sure. I have a year or so to get in better shape to add this lens to my (already very heavy) bag.
I’ve shot many portraits with the 300mm f2.8 so I am not afraid of big and heavy. But anybody that thinks an f1.4 is going to make their images more compelling than an f1.8 or f2 is laughably naive.

Give me an Elena Shumilova with a 5D III and an EF 135 f2 over anybody that thinks their RF 135 f1.4 is going to do anything for them any day!
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