Patent: Optical formulas for Canon RF macro lenses

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Jul 20, 2010
We’re obviously going to get an RF L macro lens sooner than later, and Canon News has uncovered another patent showing various optical formulas for such a lens.
Canon RF 65mm f/2.8

Focal length: 65.13mm
F number : 2.92
Angle of view: 18.38°
Image height: 21.64mm
Lens length: 135.78mm
Backfocus: 21.40mm

Canon RF 90mm f/2.8 Macro

Focal length: 87.04mm
F number: 2.92
Angle of view: 13.96°
Image height: 21.64mm
Lens length: 135.86mm
Backfocus: 19.58mm

Canon RF 100mm f/2.8 Macro

Focal length: 97.62mm
F number: 2.92
Angle of view: 12.50°
Image height: 21.64mm
lens length: 123.21mm
Backfocus: 18.86mm

Canon RF 180mm f/2.8 Macro

Focal length: 189.96mm
F number: 2.92
Angle of view: 6.50°
Image height: 21.64mm
Lens length: 185.34mm
Backfocus: 23.95mm

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Jun 27, 2013
Personally I would like to see 180mm f4 IS USM macro over 180mm f2.8 Macro. Sigma already offered similar lens and it was very bulky lens. Now due to shorter flange distance if these lenses offer some additional working distance over their Slr counterparts then I would gladly purchase these lenses along with hypothetical crop sensor based RF camera.
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Good news. Personally a great 100-ish macro and a pancake would get me onboard onto the RF train. I don't need IS for a macro lens, as I do nearly 100% on a tripod, ymmv. Plus, won't the bodies be stabilized?

The 100 macro makes for a great portrait lens too, and that's where a lot of shooters would benefit from IS. Although with the upcoming IBIS, all of this matters less and less...
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Feb 25, 2015
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Aug 18, 2017
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