Poll Added: Here's Why Canon Doesn't Need to Innovate, But it Should


Oct 26, 2013
Re: Here's Why Canon Doesn't Need to Innovate, But it Does.

Architect1776 said:
Canon used to be first at most things, that's not the case anymore. They built their digital camera business on being first more often than not. Full frame, adoption of CMOS (I think) AF tech, usable DSLR video, price points, sensor tech, liveview, and really getting pros into digital.

That said, I do believe the lens lineup does keep a lot of people in the system.
Actually Canon has not been first very often at all.
The F-1, a most excellent system camera, was contemporary with the Nikon F2 a whole generation behind Nikon. For AF again Canon lagged behind except for the T80 that was not too good. But when they did come out with AF in a serious way they made the entire industry obsolete by over 20 years. As we see all others are trying to catch up even to this day with the EOS system. Mirrorless I believe we will see the same feeling around then a real serious mirrorless camera(s) will be introduced.
Canon still does have firsts that are notable, the AE-1 was a game changer like the EOS system, The DPAF again is a huge game changer as well. But I see Canon watching and looking at others stupid missteps, taking notes then introducing something way out ahead again.

Yes, as usual people have a perception based on fantasy not reality. First DSLR with video - Nikon. First DSLR with live view - Olympus. First FF DSLR (although Canon was already in development with theirs) - Contax N Digital, First Pro DSLRs (although very pricey) - Kodak. First affordable pro camera (not FF) - Nikon.


Jul 6, 2017
Davidson, NC
FF is just an artificial convention evolved from using movie film sideways to shoot stills. But it is a handy point of reference for us old guys and how we think of focal lengths.

That's not as weird as measuring small digital camera sensors by TV camera tubes of the 1940s or '50s, though.