popup tent for event portraits


EOS M6 Mark II
Dec 25, 2014
I want to come up with something to use at a daytime outdoor event to do pet and or people portraits. Anyone care to share experiences with these? I am thinking white would be the best color and most of them seem to be 10x10 size. I would like something bigger, maybe putting two end to end to gain space for using longer lens. Brand or model info would be helpful as well. No worries about available space or bad weather.


CR Pro
I often use my portable background set up for larger events where I set up a studio and often a printer also.
It's generally a big hit with people.
If you have the space, you could get one of those collapsible gazebos.
They have a folding aluminium frame and have a roof made from white ripstop material. Not expensive either at a couple hundred bucks, and you can use them for years.
You always hang some fabric on the sides.
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