Preorder: Canon EOS R6 Mark II, Canon RF 135mm f/1.8L IS USM & Canon Speedlite EL-5

May 11, 2015
Pricing did not get rediculous at the R6 II. 2899€ is in the region of some (better equipped) of it´s competitors.
I´m sorry to hear that US$ to € ration is good on the R6 (1:1,16) which includes our taxes, but definitively worser on the 135mm RF L (1:1,28). It is almost 1150€ more expensive than the GM from Sony.
The Combo body&135mm is 4100€ for Sony (7AIV&135mm GM) and 5600€ for R6 II & RF 135mm... o_O

I am still hoping an better US$ exchange rate for R5 II and R1. I Know, I know: Hope is the last to die! :giggle:
No IS on the glass.
1/4th the FPS on the body. :p
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